LinkRest Documentation

Table of Contents

I. LinkRest Overview
1. What is LinkRest
2. What LinkRest is Not
3. Supported Data Stores
4. Security
II. LinkRest Protocol
5. Overview
6. JSON Documents
Response: Simple Document
Response: Collection Document
Request: Update Document
7. Dates and Times
8. Control Parameters
Filtering Collection with cayenneExp
Ordering Collection with sort / dir
Pagination with start / limit
Shaping Collection Entities with include / exclude
9. Protocol Extensions
Sencha Adapter
III. LinkRest Framework
10. Prerequisites
11. Getting Started
12. Writing Resource Endpoints
Create Entity with POST
Read Collection of Entities with GET
Read a Single Entity with GET
13. Request Chains
Available Chains
Strategies for Object Matching
Idempotency of Updating Chains
14. Non-Persistent Properties and POJOs
15. Relationship Resources
16. Securing Endpoints
17. Customizing Request Processing